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PDF - Measuring a Post for PADDING

How to Measure for New Post Padding


The most accurate way to measure for a new post pad is to measure the circumference or distance around the outside of the post. Use a string and wrap it around the post, pull it taut, and mark the string with a pen. Lay the string on a ruler or tape measure.

Our in-house engineers will take it from the, using the circumference to calculate the diameter of the post.

Measure the height of the post pad. The standard height of a post pad is 6 feet, but Sports Venue Padding manufactures pads at any height, width, or shape for different activities. Let us know if you need any help.

Print and fill in the PDF measuring guide above Padding-Printed Wraps (7).jpg



SQUARE post pads are easy to measure, also. Measure each side - all four (4) sides - of the post, moving clockwise around the post. ​Then provide the height. Print and fill in the PDF measuring guide above.

Post Pad Circumference.webp
Square post - measuring.jpg
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